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China’s C919 passenger plane ready for maiden flight

The C919 passenger plane

The first passenger jet built and designed by China, has completed most of the ground-based pre-flight evaluations, and is projected to see its first take-off before July of this year.

The plane has completed the installation of its on-board system and passed its static and integrated system tests. The static test is designed to simulate heavy pressure-bearing situations and test the limits of the aircraft in such scenarios. For this reason, the test is a prerequisite for the plane's design to be finalized.

The test results confirmed preliminary analysis--that the framework of the jetliner is strong enough to support future navigation. In order to pass the tests, the structure of the plane endured a maximum pressure load for three full seconds, explained Zhou Liangdao, the deputy chief designer. It took the design team 300 days to prepare for the test.

The state-owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. has been monitoring all tests for the jetliner. Before its maiden flight, the C919 will go through still more evaluations, including an essential pressurization test.


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