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Stiff competition! Map reveals average penis sizes from around the world and AFRICA is the big winner... so how does YOURS measure up?

  • A map has revealed the average erect penis size of men around the world
  • Men from Africa, Jamaica and Haiti topped with the list with an average greater than 16 centimetres
  • India and South Korea had the smallest penis size between 9.3 and 10.5 centimetres on average
  • Australia's average was greater than 14.7 centimetres, alongside Mexico, Norway and Italy

Nervous men need to wait no longer to see how they measure up against their rivals.

An interactive graphic has been published which compares erect penis sizes across the globe.

Africa bests stiff competition to claim the title for the world's largest penises, while men from Asia are shown to have the smallest on average.

A map has revealed the average erect penis size for different countries across the world. Countries coloured red have the largest average penis size, countries in green have the smallest

Countries in Western Africa had the largest average penis sizes according to the map, consistently measuring in above a 16 centimetre average

Countries from South East Asia such as India and Sri Lanka had the smallest average penis sizes according to the map

Countries in orange such as Italy sat in the second-largest group, while the United Kingdom, France and Germany sat in the middle of the pack

Source: Internet

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