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Doctor Muntu is dedicated to saving the lives of people with albinism

Charity to Save People Living with Albinism in Africa

The estimated prevalence of albinism suggests the existence of tens of thousands of people living with albinism in Africa.

There’s need for increased awareness of albinism in order to better address the medical, psychological and social needs of this vulnerable population.

There is growing evidence of social discrimination and stigmatization directed towards this population.

Along with their differences in appearance, a lack of knowledge about albinism in African communities leads to such stigma.

This population must deal with issues such as photophobia, decreased visual acuity, extreme sun sensitivity and skin cancer, social discrimination as a result of their difference in appearance.

espite all that, African albinos are murdered for their body parts.

Some progress has been made thus far in terms of medical and social care but we hope to further increase the awareness of albinism throughout African societies in the future.

Traditional Healers under African Traditional Healers are dedicated to saving lives and have been funding different programmes to help save people with albinism who could go "extinct" in Africa.

You can help these vulnerable human beings by making a donation towards this cause.

Your donation will go a long way in saving more lives.

Please Contact Us to find out how you can donate or be part of these campaigns

We sponsor radio and tv talk shows airing current knowledge on public health aspects of albinism in different countries in Africa, focusing on the epidemiology as well as medical and social issues to correct misconceptions about the etiology of albinism since much of the social discrimination appears to stem from the communities' lack of education about albinism's etiology.

There is limited awareness of its genetic inheritance and therefore, traditional myths and superstitions are numerous.

For example, some of these beliefs link albinism with (culturally unacceptable) conception during menstruation or consider albinism as a punishment from the gods for an ancestor's wrongdoing.

Due to this socially rooted discrimination, the quality of life of people with albinism may be compromised. For example, they are more likely to drop out of school and face more difficulty in employment and marriage compared to the rest of the population.

Our Mission

Avail necessities where possible since people with albinism face stigmatization in schools from fellow students, teachers and even within their own families. Therefore, most of them live lower, if not the lowest, economic status in their society.

Educate misinformed witch doctors that albinos body parts are just the same like any other person’s body parts and that it makes no sense at all to murder them, for their body parts.

Help relevant authorities to successfully prosecute those involved in the murdering of albinos for their body parts.

Educate counsellors in schools about albinism.

Train health care providers at clinics and hospitals about albinism and the effects that UV exposure can have on this condition.

Encourage community self-help support groups.


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